Our pricing is commission based and all-inclusive.
There are no setup fees, fixed monthly fees, design or support fees.

Your commission rate will vary depending on the scale of your business, your history selling gift vouchers and the level of support/resource you require so we'll tailor your pricing to suit your needs as a company.

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p.s. It's worth noting that we don't tie you into a long term contract. You can leave within 30 days, so putting Giftpro to the test is a very low risk business decision.

Why do we charge commission?

Commission is a simple and sustainable business model that allows us to scale our resources based on your operational demands. 

If you sell thousands of products a month and require lots of help throughout busy periods we can easily support you because our income will be relative to your sales (and needs)

This model also removes fixed overheads. If you have a particularly quiet month, there’s very little cost. If you have a busy month, and you’re using the system a lot, the cost is a little higher to reflect this.

Are there any other fees?

We also provide an optional fulfilment service, which removes the need for you to print, pack and post your customers’ orders each day. We charge a small fulfilment fee to do this, and the Royal Mail charge their postage fee. 

Generally speaking, these costs are covered by the fees you charge your customers to have their vouchers delivered to them.

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